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Sign Language for Kids! 2

As most parents of young children quickly find out, communicating with them during the early years can sometimes be a bit more challenging than they anticipated it would be during the days of one-way conversation and baby talk.

Toddlers may often experience outbursts, seemingly out of the blue, when they’re trying to get a message across and are only met with questions or curious expressions. Sign language can help to assuage some of those frustrating situations by creating a foundation from which to build less stressful communication practices between you and your little one.

Signing Tools


  • KiddieSigns: Website with various sign language games that can be played online for free.
  • Label and Learn: Learn how to sign with a colorful animated monkey.
  • Deaf Resources: Watch videos of a signing hand and then type in your guess of the word it is finger spelling.
  • Discover Technology: Downloadable ASL eBooks, flashcards and puzzles.
  • ASL PRO: ASL video dictionary with an extensive listing of words.
  • Fun Brain: Identify the sign language letter or number that is represented in an animation or illustration.
  • LifePrint: Offers finger spelling quizzes with answers and no answers.
  • Deaf Sign: Sign language matching games, tests and puzzles.
  • Gamequarium: A list of five different sign language games that help teach kids how to sign.


  • Signing Time: A popular children’s TV show and website with tons of sign language resources, games and printables for kids and their adults.
  • DLTK Teach: ASL printable coloring pages with a separate page for each letter of the alphabet and a picture of the corresponding sign.
  • Coloring Pages: Printable alphabet coloring page with letters and hand signs drawn in graffiti style.
  • Teachnology: Sign language flash cards and handouts.
  • ABC Teach: Sign Language flash cards.
  • Start American Sign Language: Sign Language coloring pages.
  • Kids Can Have Fun: Sign Language coloring pages.
  • Scholastic Printables: Cartoon and letter Sign Language coloring pages and matching cards.
  • Baby Sign Language Chart: Printable chart with illustrations of basic words (mommy, daddy, milk, etc.) to teach babies in Sign Language.
  • Math A Tube: Sign Language numbers chart.


  • Church Music: Children’s American Sign Language songbook of religious songs.
  • Pop Songs: Collection of pop songs in Sign Language.
  • ASL Bible: Christmas songs in American Sign Language
  • Nellie Edge: Resources for teaching Sign Language song. Contains audio and video excerpts and examples of songs.
  • We Sign: Article on how to teach ASL songs to children.
  • Deaf Professional Artists Network: Media and visual arts website for deaf and hearing-impaired individuals interested in music, art, video and other forms of entertainment.
  • Net Places: Instructional article on how to sign music.
  • Traditional Children’s Songs: Learn how to sign by watching videos of classic children’s videos.

Resources for Parents

  • Apraxia-Kids: Using sign language to aid kids who have apraxia of speech.
  • Say it With a Sign: Informational website and video series which helps parents understand why teaching young children to sign is important for establishing good communication skills.
  • Center for Applied Linguistics: Article and links to resources on learning American Sign Language as a foreign language.
  • Video Examples of ASL: A collection of videos featuring great speeches in Sign Language, interpreting situations and several songs in sign.
  • K8AIT: Sign Language dictionary.
  • Sign Writing: Children’s stories written in American Sign Language.
  • Lesson Tutor: Basic ASL vocabulary listing.
  • Signing Savvy: Comprehensive searchable Sign Language dictionary.
  • Dr. Bill Vicar’s ASL: Fingerspelling practice site.
  • Color of Language: Fingerspelling practice and resources.