Cued Speech is a sound-based visual communication system which, in English, uses eight handshapes in four different locations (“cues”) in combination with the natural mouth movements of speech, to make all the sounds of spoken language look different.

National Cued Speech Association
Non-profit membership organization founded in 1982 to promote and support the effective use of Cued Speech; raises awareness of Cued Speech and its applications, provide educational services, assist local affiliate chapters, establish standards for Cued Speech and certify Cued Speech instructors and transliterators
Valuable resources and online forums

The Art of Cueing
Detailed instructions and video demo

Gaining Cued Speech Proficiency
Information guide by Walter J. Beaupre that includes instructions and practice exercises.

Deaf Education Options: Cued Speech
Description, benefits, and disadvantages to Cued Speech

"Cued Speech as an Option"
by Stevie Fenton
Describes the pros and cons of Cued Speech in a public school setting