There are many careers in Deafness-related fields that you can research, including:
As the #1 career site in the deaf community, has more qualified traffic, more unique visitors and more job seeker accounts than any other site in the deaf community. provides a highly resourceful and dynamic exchange between opportunity seekers and employers.

Gallaudet University
At Gallaudet University, deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing students and scholars join together in a unique community to learn, to teach, and to create. Full access and open communication drive the Gallaudet University vision. This means that no matter what your background might be, your welcome is assured.

Gallaudet University Regional Centers
The Gallaudet University Regional Centers offer extension courses, training workshops, and technical assistance to address the educational, transition, and professional development needs of deaf and hard of hearing people from birth through adulthood.

Clerc Center: What to Expect for Careers in Deafness
However you became interested in a career working with deaf or hard of hearing people, you'll find exciting opportunities await you.

Western Oregon University: Regional Resource Center on Deafness
The mission of Western's Regional Resource Center on Deafness is to prepare professionals in the Northwest to be qualified to serve the unique communication, rehabilitation, and educational needs of deaf and hard of hearing children and adults.

California State University, Northridge: National Center on Deafness
California State Northridge, one of the first mainstream universities to accept deaf students in the 1960s, now hosts one of the largest deaf student populations among U.S. universities. Nearly 300 deaf and hard-of-hearing students receive sign language interpreting, real-time captioning and other special services each year through the university's renowned National Center on Deafness (NCOD). 

Train Go Sorry Deaf To-do List
Notices, announcements, and Deaf events

DeafMall Events Calendar
The latest about Deaf events from New York, San Diego, Dallas, Seattle, Arizona, Chicago, Tampa Bay, New Jersey, Oregon, Georgia, Rochester NY, Kansas, Missouri, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, San Francisco, Los Angeles Area, Ventura County CA, and more.

Silent News Events Calendar
Deaf events listed by state

Info to Go Events Calendar
This list includes professional conferences, symposiums, exhibits, and day-long programs about education, or celebrating Deaf culture or designed to sensitize the general community to deaf and hard of hearing people.

Deaf Conventions and Conferences
Valuable conferences for the networking and socialization opportunities afforded as well as the information provided
Texas' largest Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community Network & Resources web site and newsletter

Deaf Culture Around the World
International Deaf websites

Welcome to Deaf Linx, the ultimate guide to Deafness internet links!

The goal of Deaf Linx is to provide factual information and resources
in order to combat ignorance & to support a Deaf-friendly world.


Deaf Culture:
Find out why Deafness is NOT a disability!
All about Deafness - culture, diversity, heroes, businesses, & more
Sign Language:
Let your fingers do the talking!
Meet the Deaf Community:
How to connect with Deaf people in your area
Deaf Events:
Find out about Deaf events - local, state, national, and international resources
Diversity within Deaf Culture:
Resources about Deaf cultural subgroups: deaf-blind, women, gay, lesbian, black, asian, latino, hispanic, native american, hard of hearing, CODAs, etc.
Deafness Organizations:
Check out several professional organizations related to Deafness
Chat Rooms:
Find chat rooms, listserves, and other ways to find specific interest groups online
Research Materials:
Fact-based periodicals about Deafness
Books about the Deaf Community:
This is a must-read list!
Worldwide Deaf Linx:
Information about Deaf people around the world
Careers Working with Deaf People:
Resources for people interested in a Deafness-related career
Sign Language Interpreting:
Information about professional interpreting for experienced and novice interpreters.
  • Specific settings: Educational, Medical & Mental Health, Legal, Deaf-Blind, Dramatic & Musical, & Religious.
  • Detailed listing of online resources, books, certifications, training programs & consortiums, agencies, how to use an Interpreter, & how to become an Interpreter.
  • Deaf Education:
    Professional Organizations & Topics, Support for Educators and Families, Language & Educational Options, Literacy Resources, IDEA Information, & Teacher Preparation Programs
    Schools for the Deaf:
    Deaf schools' websites, including residential schools, day schools, oral schools, and specialty schools
    Families with Deaf Children:
    Helpful information for parents raising Deaf children - facts, opinions, and options to consider
    Infant Hearing Screenings:
    Information about early diagnosis of deafness
    Kids' Stuff!:
    Fun for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children
    Find out more about TTYs, text pagers, flashing lights, and other technology designed for Deaf and hard of hearing people
    Learn about captioning in TV, films, and realtime
    Health Care:
    Issues of health care in the Deaf Community
    Developing Nations:
    Information about world volunteer organizations and the status of deaf people in developing countries
    Legal Issues:
    Resources about the ADA, IDEA, and other hot topics in Deafness
    Government Assistance for the Deaf:
    Programs to assist Deaf adults and children in America
    Travel Agencies:
    Research Deaf-friendly travel experiences
    Insurance Companies:
    Insurance answers for the Deaf Community
    Real Estate:
    Issues about real estate access and listing of Deaf-friendly agents
    Art, Books, & Gifts:
    Find out how to purchase sign language books, jewelry, clothing, gifts, and more
    Deaf Poetry:
    Deaf poets and their extraordinary work
    Deaf History:
    All about Deaf history - books, timelines, stories, and articles
    Deaf Sports:
    Compilation of Deaf sports organizations around the world
    Deaf Dogs & Guide Dogs:
    Learn about dogs - service animals and deaf pets
    Religious Ministries:
    Deaf ministries, signed or interpreted services, missionaries, & sign language vocabulary for religious settings
    Hard of Hearing & Late Deafened Information:
    Organizations established to meet the specific needs of people who are hard of hearing and those who became deaf late in life
    Speech and hearing websites
    Cochlear Implants:
    Valuable information about the pros and cons of cochlear implants
    Cued Speech:
    Don't overlook this interesting communication system!