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Top Hearing Aid Manufacturers

According to the Hearing Aids 101 site, approximately 10 percent of the population has hearing loss, some more severely than others. To combat these losses, there are many different kinds of hearing aids available to those who need them. Each works in a specific way to aid specific hearing losses and varying levels of deafness. Some of the kinds available are those that are completely worn in the ear canal (CIC, or completely in canal); those worn partially in the canal (ITC, in the canal); those worn only just inside the ear (ITE, in the ear); and those worn behind in the ear (BTE, behind the ear). The CIC is very small, and it fits completely in the ear canal, taking advantage of the ear’s natural abilities. This is most convenient for appearance and phone use. The ITC’s are a little larger than the CIC’s, and they use a bigger battery, so it is not so difficult for unsteady hands to change it. These are used for mild to moderate hearing loss. Due to their larger size, the ITE can accommodate features such as a telephone switch, and it will help with more significant hearing loss as well as milder cases. The BTE is recommended for children, can house a larger amplifier as well, and fits snugly behind the ear.

There are many manufacturers of hearing aids, producing several kinds of hearing aids. The following is a list of some of the more popular, and dependable, brands and companies: