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Deaf History

Deaf History Unveiled

The 16 essays featured in Deaf History Unveiled offer the current results of Harlan Lane, Renate Fischer, Margret Winzer, William McCagg, and 12 other noted historians in this field.

20th Century Chicago Stories - Deaf Lives and Experiences

Interviews that preserve and tell the stories and histories of the Chicago Deaf community.

Martha's Vineyard - Where It was Normal to be Deaf & Hearing Had to Learn Sign

Early Martha's Vineyard settlers carried a gene for deafness. Over the years, generation after generation was born with hearing loss. This article explains details of the "Deaf Utopia".

Deaf History International

Informational website about the 5th Deaf History International conference in Paris, France (2003)

Deaf & HOH Culture & Information Deaf History page

Come in, make yourself comfortable, have a cup of cappuccino, and enjoy learning about Deaf History!

Deaf Time-Line

ASLInfo.com time-line: 1000 BC - 1816 AD

"Love is Never Silent"

Based on the Joanne Greenberg novel “In This Sign”, this film stars Mare Winningham as a young hearing girl with deaf parents. Winningham has spent most of her Depression-era childhood as her parents' only conduit to the outside world. When a close family friend (Sid Caesar in a towering non-comic performance) asks Winningham if she isn't sacrificing the opportunity for happiness on her own, she carefully considers his words. She marries Frederick Lehne, at which point her embittered parents close off their relationship with their daughter. How Ms. Winningham manages to bridge this gap is the focus of the film's final scenes. The parents are played by Ed Waterstreet and Phyllis Frelich, longtime members of the National Theatre for the Deaf. The Emmy-winning “Love is Never Silent” was originally presented as a Hallmark Hall of Fame special.

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