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American Basic Sign Language Alphabet & How to Say Words In Sign Language

Learning American Sign Language may seem like it would be very difficult task. Fortunately, many resources exist to help people learn ASL. A good way to begin is by learning the proper signs for the letters of the alphabet. After a person gets acclimated with the hand signs used in the ASL alphabet, it is time to move on to basic words followed by phrases. Learning ASL is a fun and rewarding experience.


American Sign Language Alphabet

  • ASL Alphabet The American Sign Language alphabet shown pictorially and explained in text.
  • Hands for Hire A chart showing the ASL alphabet, as well as links to other resources for the and hard of hearing or others that are learning American Sign Language.
  • Center for Disability Information The ASL alphabet, along with numbers, presented in a format geared toward children.
  • Hand Signs for the ASL Alphabet Hover over a letter and the hand on the screen will make the corresponding sign for that letter.

Basic Sign Language

  • American Sign Language Browser This virtual dictionary provides a listing of many words in alphabetical order. When a word is clicked on, the sign for that word is shown.
  • First 100 Words The first words that a person should acclimate themselves with when learning ASL. These basic signs will help to communicate every day needs.
  • ASL Basic Words for Babies Alphabetically arranged basic ASL words. Also includes links to more complicated words as well as phrases.
  • Everyday ASL Basic words including nouns, adjectives, and verbs as well as illustrated signs for each.
  • Learning Sign Language A thorough tutorial on learning American sign language, featuring videos, quizzes and other resources.

How to Say Basic Words in Sign Language

  • PBS: Sound and Fury An explanation about how ASL is used. Includes information on how to structure sentences, as well as visual cues.
  • How to Say Simple ASL Words A tutorial showing how to sign basic words in ASL.
  • ASL Lessons An entire page dedicated to learning ASL, beginning with how to sign the alphabet and moving on to the teaching of phrases.
  • Explanation of How to Make Basic Signs Information about signing as well as printable flashcards to study.
  • Hand Speak An ASL dictionary providing video demonstrations on how to sign a multitude of words.